Saturday, 9 November 2013

A tribute to Hundertwasser

One of the art museums we visited in Vienna last week was a place called the Kunsthaus Wien which was built mainly to show the work of an Austrian man called Friedensreich Hundertwasser. His work is amazingly colourful and bright and every centimetre of canvas is covered with pattern and colour. The building itself is covered with mosaic inside and out but sadly when we left it was already dark so I couldn't get a picture but I did get this photo of the toilet!!   

It was many many years ago I remember taking a clipping from a magazine and sticking it in my very first smash book (not called a smash book then of course) because it was so vivid and beautiful, not knowing at all who or what it was. Of course it clicked straight away once I visited the museum that this was a Hundertwasser painting I'd kept.

So how appropriate then that I should create a piece in my art journal as a tribute to that great artist and his sense of quirky fun.

I share my journal page and my creative process on the blog of A Sprinkle of Imagination and maybe, just maybe, I've turned a few more people onto the work of Hundertwasser.

See you soon

Jaine x